• Song:

    What Did Love Ever Do To You

  • Artist:

    Hank Williams Iii

  • Album:

    Risin' Outlaw

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    A5                               E5 
Oh, someday you'll find out what it means to be blue 
                              B5               E5  
'Cause everybody pays for the things that they do 
A5                             E5 
You broke something precious, sacred and true 
                            B5    E5 
Darlin', what did love ever do to you 

E5                              B5 
I still can't believe what I'm feelin' 
As my heart turns slowly to stone 
              E5            A5 
I'm staring a hole thru the ceiling 
    E5              B5                   E5 
The memory of your leaving won't let me go 
Your words built the walls of this prison 
And like a fool I'm doin' time for you 
I searched thru my mind for a reason 
But when you left, you left me without a clue 
Repeat chorus, singing the last two lines twice
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