• Song:

    Wherever I Go

  • Artist:

    Hannah Montana

  • Album:

    Best of Hannah Montana

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Bb    F     C    Dm   C (2x)


F                      Bb
Here we are now
Everything is about to change
F                  Bb                    C
We face tomorrow as we say goodbye to yesterday
Dm                         F                             C
A chapter ending but the stories only just begun
Gm                               C
A page is turning for everyone


So Im moving on
Letting go
C            Dm         C
Holding on to tomorrow
Bb                      F                          C              Dm           C
Ive always got the memories while Im finding out who Im gonna be
Bb              F                 C   C#  Dm
We might be apart but I hope you always know
Bb                    C
Youll be with me wherever I go

Bb F C Dm C

Wherever I go


F                      Bb                      C
So excited I can barely even catch my breath
F                    Bb                           C
WE have each other to lean on for the road ahead
Dm                    Bb                           C                             
This happy ending is the start of all our dreams
Gm                         C
And I know your heart is with me



Bb                    C             C#      Dm
Its time to show the world weve got something to say
Bb                       C           C#      Dm
A song to sing out loud well never fade away
Bb                   C              C#     Dm
I know Ill miss you but well meet again someday
Gm               C
Well never fade away



Bb F C Dm C
Wherever, Wherever I go
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