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AbmYou (133111@4)came to me
F#Like (244322@1)a little mislead child
E (022100@1)             F# (244322@1)             AbmYou're (133111@4)the only one, my spirit's gold

AbmDon't (133111@4)make our time together
F#A (244322@1)moment of joy
E (022100@1)             F# (244322@1)             AbmCause (133111@4)love will guide us through


Abm (133111@4)     B (x2444x@1)          AbmMaybe (133111@4)you want it too, maybe you
BCause (x2444x@1)I don't wanna be the one
                 F#To (244322@1)send you away


BSomeday (x2444x@1)you gonna be
        F#Someone (244322@1)special
        EAll (022100@1)the places we've been
        F#And (244322@1)all the faces we've seen

That's it!
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