• Song:

    Katy Perry Could You Fall In Love With Me

  • Artist:

    Harrison Hudson

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Alright, this is a pretty easy song. I think I got all the chords right, but I'm no expert.
it sounds good to me. Play it in standard tuning for the piano version.
and there's another version he plays with Capo 2. 
Let me know if it's wrong somewhere. Enjoy!

Verse 1:
      F (133211@1)     G (320003@1)             CWell (x32010@1)Gosh, I just think your swell
  F (133211@1)            G (320003@1)         C (x32010@1)         AmYou (x02210@1)could be my Heaven, when I feel like Hell
  F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)       CMaybe (x32010@1)we'll go for a ride
 F (133211@1)              G (320003@1)     C (x32010@1)         AmThat's (x02210@1)not a metaphor, I mean on our bikes
   F (133211@1)   G (320003@1)          CPlease, (x32010@1)just hear me out


  Am (x02210@1)     Em (022000@1)         F (133211@1)             C (x32010@1)       F (133211@1)           G (320003@1)         CLove (x32010@1)it or leave it, I just can't stop dreaming about you all day and all night
    Am (x02210@1)               Em (022000@1)     F (133211@1)                CMy (x32010@1)friends think I'm crazy, but I don't think I'm crazy
   F (133211@1)          G (320003@1)         AmI (x02210@1)just have to find out and see
      F (133211@1)         G (320003@1)                  CKaty (x32010@1)Perry could you fall in love with me?

Verse 2:
     F (133211@1)      G (320003@1)             CWell (x32010@1)holy cow i think you're great
  F (133211@1)               G (320003@1)      C (x32010@1)           AmI (x02210@1)take you out for ice cream on our first date
     F (133211@1)             G (320003@1)             CWell (x32010@1)they all might judge you, you see?
    F (133211@1)              G (320003@1)        C (x32010@1)        AmBut (x02210@1)they don't know you, well neither does me
    F (133211@1)        G (320003@1)      C (x32010@1)             AmBut (x02210@1)if I knew you, I wouldn't judge you then
        F (133211@1)    Am (x02210@1)        G (320003@1)           
Cause friends don't judge friends, ya know, just listennnnn


Verse 3
     F (133211@1)              G (320003@1)           CWell (x32010@1)I don't have too many dollar bills
    F (133211@1)           G (320003@1)           C (x32010@1)    AmBut (x02210@1)i won't play cheap with my hea-aa-arrt.
     F (133211@1)              G (320003@1)               CIt (x32010@1)might be lame to sing your songs to you
          F (133211@1)       G (320003@1)          C (x32010@1)              AmBut (x02210@1)who knows, it might be what charms your pants off, wait
    F (133211@1)            G (320003@1)            CI'm (x32010@1)not trying to get your pants off
    F (133211@1)              G (320003@1)       C (x32010@1)     AmI'm (x02210@1)just-well it's a figure of spee-ee-eech
  F (133211@1)       G (320003@1)              CMaybe (x32010@1)I'll charm your socks off
         F (133211@1)       G (320003@1)             C (x32010@1)  AmDo (x02210@1)you think that might be more appropriate?
        GNever (320003@1)mind, just listen to meeeeeeeee


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