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From: grxxs@hookup.net (Erik Davis)
Subject: Re: REQ - W.O.L.D - Harry Chapin

It's not really an acoustic song, but the chords go something like this
(each line is a phrase of lyrics):


/x/ = one measure of chord x
/x-y/= two chords, x and y,  over one measure
/x-y-z/ = three chords, x y and z, over one measure
/x(a)/ = chord x with root a

Intro, (and ending):

Em/ G+(D)/  (hello, honey...)
G(D)/ C#m7-5/ Cmaj7/ Em(B)
Am9/ G/ G(F)/ Em7


Em7/ C/ D/ G (remember when we listened...)
Em7/ C/D/Am
G/ C/ D/ Em
Fmaj7/ C/ D/ Am

-- e


G/ D/ Em/Fmaj7 (I Am the morning...)
C - G(B) - Am7/ G/ D(F#)/ Em/ D
G/ D/ Em/Fmaj7
C - G(B) - Am7/ G/ D(F#)/ Em/ Em7

Part "C"

Em (I'm making extra money...)
DFmaj7/ (xx0232@1)C
D/BEm (x20232@1)(I got a spot....)
DFmaj7/ (xx0232@1)C

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