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Intro C Em F G

C     Em              F            G
As I walked this land, step by step
C     Em        F    G
Never been here before
C        Em      F                 G
From the moment, I walked down the stairs
C Em     F     G
I knew ,I want more

F  G

I cross the land through the woods
Northbound to the coast
Wide open sky with stars so bright
Impressed me most


People come and people go
Lost friends, along the way
We live on ,with their past
 Till we meet again ,someday

F        G     G F# F  F       G
1000 lights,            in the night
C  Em          F        G
to people, who passed away
C       Em         F      G
Light a candle ,on X-mass day
C           Em                F    G            C    Em F G
So in their hearts and minds ,they always, will stay 

1000 lights, in the night ,out of sight
But in hearts and mind ,you always will stay ,forever

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