• Song:

    Love To All The People

  • Artist:

    Harry Loco

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Love to All the People (song for Brian of Westminster)
E                            F#m                                     A       E
Hey Mr. President, why don’t you understand ,we don’t want your crazy war
E                                           F#m                           A   E
Why are you so angry then ,a quarrel with your wife? Or a restless night 
C#m                           E                         C#m                   E
Don’t you realise the power you have, you got to be so strong
C#m                       E                      A            B
The whole world depends on you, war is so wrong
Didn’t you learn from 9/11 ? you’ve been struck from behind
People who are so desperate, lose their mind 
Does it really matter when a man dies, with or without a name
It’s a bloody shame Mr President , life is not a game ?

Why do all Americans think they‘re better? Committing the same crimes
Oh America how will you cry ,when your first soldiers die
It’s time for a change , the world is out of range
We must brothers , all over the world 

Chorus 1
A                     E             A                         E
We got to live together ,We got to live in peace
B                         A          A                           B
There is just one world , we,ve got just one world 
Abm        F#m         E      A           Abm        F#m        B
We don’t want this war ,we don’t want this war 

Chorus 2
Love to all the people , brotherhood of man 
It’s not so far away , it’s not so far away 
Lets share our world… lets share our world 

Copyright 2003 © harry loco
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