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This loco goes solo
G                              C          
Everybody is stuck  into relations
G                               D D7          
Their money their job, or their wife
G                           C                     
It?s so sad, and also mistaken  
G              D                  C  G
At the end ,you?ve lived an empty life

In this world of egoism, and self destruction
Nothing is really made to stay
Don?t you think that it is easy to see this 
And find it , your own way                     

Don?t let your view be restricted 
Cause what you see its not real
Go for what you really feel inside , 
Don?t go for the money , or some big deal , oh yeah

C              Em     F             G
This loco goes solo, this loco goes mad 
C              Em     F             G
But I am not lonely, no I won?t be sad, oh no
C          Em     F       G
Do like I do, and you ?ll be free!
C                     F                G                C
Cause freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose  
Em ? F ? G 3x ? C ?  F ? G ? C 

Copyrights ? harry loco 2001
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