• Song:

    Good Times

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

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Good Times

C7There's (x32310@1)a good time comin' on, I can feel it in my bones
               F7Said (131241@1)there's a good time comin' on, I can tell it won't be long
	     C7 (x32310@1)Till there's dancing in the streets again and music in the air
            Bb (x1333x@1)                   G (320003@1)There'll be people wanting people, laughter everywhere

There gonna be parties after sundown no matter where you go
There'll be hand squeezin', ear pleasin' and music on the radio
And I know you wanna be there cause we're gonna have a wonderful time
Gonna jump to the left, tear down, rip it up, starting at the county line  

by: Jos? Duarte

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