• Song:

    Little Cowboy

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

  • Album:

    Without You

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C                 B7
Little fellow you're so tired
C                 B7
You can hardly lift your head
Dm                 A7
But you wanna hear a story
Dm7     G       C
Before you go to bed
C             B7
So if you'll be quiet
C             A7
And listen patiently
D             D7
I'll sing you a song
Dm7           G
That my mother sang to me

C               D7
Little cowboy, put your saddle in the barn
G                         C
Tie your horse up tight, so he'll know no harm
F                 F7
Put your hat and your gun
C                 A7
Beside you on the chair
D7             G                  G7
Don't forget, you've got to say a little prayer
C                  D7
Little cowboy, you'd better hit the sandman trail
F                    F7                A7
Or you'll be late for roundup time you know
Fm               F             C            A7
If you wanna be a cowboy, you'd better rest a while
D7            G            C     A7
Little cowboy baby of the old corral
Little cowboy baby of the old corral
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