• Song:

    Living Without You

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

  • Album:

    Love Songs

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Living Without You

GThe (320003@1)milk truck hauls the sun up
    Bm (x24432@1)	 D (xx0232@1)The paper hits the door
    CThe (x32010@1)subway shakes my floor
             GAnd (320003@1)I think about you
Time to face the dawning gray
   Bm (x24432@1)           DOf (xx0232@1)another lonely day
     C (x32010@1)     G (320003@1)            C (x32010@1) G (320003@1)
It's so hard living without you

     C (x32010@1)G (320003@1)        D (xx0232@1)C (x32010@1)GIt's (320003@1)so hard, It's s-o-o hard
     C (x32010@1)     G (320003@1)            C (x32010@1) GIt's (320003@1)so hard living without you

Everyone's got something
They're trying to get some more
They got something to get up for
But I ain't about to
Nothin's gonna happen
Nothin's gonna change
It's so hard living without you


by: Jos? Duarte

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