• Song:

    Miss Butters Lament

  • Artist:

    Harry Nilsson

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Miss Butters Lament

F# (244322@1)                   Emaj7Waiting (021100@1)around for the first breath of spring
F# (244322@1)                 Emaj7Nobody (021100@1)else seems to care
    G#m7She (131141@4)waits patiently for the knowledge that she will
     E (022100@1)                BbHave (x1333x@1)so much to give to someone

Waiting around for the knock at the door
Gentleman callers beware
Hoping to see all the flowers and candy he's offered her
In every dream she's ever had, 
D#m  F# D#m  F#

         G# (xx1114@1)                             D#m (xx4342@1) 
She don't mind all the waiting around for someone to come along
G# (xx1114@1)                            BbKnows (x1333x@1)she's about to be found before too long
Waiting around for the first breath of spring
She never noticed the snow on the ground
Spring never made it, somebody delayed it
    E (022100@1)               D#m (xx4342@1)
For her again and the year before and the year before
And the year before, And the year before

by: Jos? Duarte

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