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You Make Me Feel Good

E (022100@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A	E (022100@1)name="chord_x02220@1">A	B (x2444x@1)name="chord_022100@1">E

1st verse
	   E (022100@1)                       A (x02220@1)    E (022100@1)         A (x02220@1)        EIt (022100@1)was a yesterday evening when the sun went up and you don't know what 
	  B (x2444x@1)Eyou're (022100@1)making me up.

2nd verse
When I heard what you hit and you hit what I want cause I've gone 
through a pleasure and knew what I did.

A (x02220@1)	   EI (022100@1)don't want you but I I had no choice.
	 E (022100@1)    A (x02220@1)  B (x2444x@1)			 ECause (022100@1)you don't know that youuuuuuu		you make me feel good

3rd verse
I didn't mean to make sad or weep but you know I didn't knew what to do

4th verse
And I know that you feel what I sent but I sent something I've better never ever meant.




5th verse
I think it's a nothing when you come to see me and they all know what you're thinking 'bout me. 

6th verse
I knew a place with a word but you know. This place is so far you can't reach it for sure.


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