• Song:

    Rescue Me Acoustic

  • Artist:

    Hawthorne Heights

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Standard EADGBE tuning

Intro/chorus chords:
Em - x75080
F#9 - x75070
Dadd9 - x55000
Em(2) - x75000

I dont think those are the actual names for the chords, so look at that, not what you 
when you scroll over them.

Verse chords:
B5 - 755xxx
A5 - 577xxx
F#5 - 244xxx
G5 - 355xxx

Bridge Chords:
Bsus4 - x24400
Asus2 - x02200
F#m - 244222
Gm - 355333

Intro: Em....F#9....Dadd9....Em(2) (x2)
B5 A5 F#5 G5 (fast) (x2)

         B5 A5  F#5                 G5
Just breathe, the midnight air will do you well.
B5    A5   F#5             G5
Believe, I miss your taste, I miss your smell
B5                      A5
The past mistakes that brought you here
F#5                G5
will break the fall for you my dear
B5                  A5             F#5           G5
I'll ask the nurse for bandages, dont send me on my way.

B5             A5
Rescue me, from everything
  F#5                G5      
I just wanna live, I wish I could breathe

Verse 2 (same as verse 1):
Every other day, I sit and wait for the same bad news
Can you hear me say, "I've got nothing left to lose"
Someone please start making sense and beg the Lord for accidents
I've seen the worst case scenario, I'm slowly letting go

****Repeat Chorus*****

Em....F#9....Dadd9....Em(2) (x2)

Bsus4           Asus2
Rescue me, from everything
 F#m               Gm
I just wanna live I wish I could breathe


****Repeat Chorus till end*****
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