• Song:

    Southern Hemisphere

  • Artist:

    Hay And Stone

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Well I*m a fan of the "new" finish band "hay and stone"
their first album "making waves" appeared in september 2006, but only in finland, still 
can buy it over the internet!
check also out for more infos and listening and and and:
check also this page out for listening to another song of them "sun sweeps the shadow"!
I can only recommend this band! They are really awesome ^^

These chords are pretty right, but I think one is wrong :) [in the chorus...]

Anyway, enjoy!

Used Chords:

G# (xx1114@1)name="chord_xx4342@1">D#m

BBm          G# (xx1114@1)                      BBm
A few doors up there?s a room where they lie
              G# (xx1114@1)                     BBm
Their eyes are wise and the faces are grey
                 G#Those (xx1114@1)nine are unlucky,
disease in their veins
                 G# (xx1114@1)                       BBm
With one million others they have no one to blame

BBm        G# (xx1114@1)        D#m (xx4342@1)               G# (xx1114@1)      
She didn?t care pushing H would give her an I and a V as the wage
                      G# (xx1114@1)                   D#m (xx4342@1)                     
G#But (xx1114@1)the shouting and drinking right there at home would make you want to fall

BBm  G#  D#m G#
So severe,
BBm        G# (xx1114@1)   D#m (xx4342@1)name="chord_xx1114@1">G#
but why should I care?
That?s so severe, but that?s like some southern hemisphere

Hey, who would take this kid, he?s 8 years old
His parents are dead and he doesn?t have a home
His big sister?s sold in a flat for any use
Pretty teenage is blooming for costumers to choose

Well, you cannot blame your sweet destiny
and that was his, he was born into this place
So much pain, so much poverty,
it makes you ask for any grace


In the autumn in the night on the street it gets cold,
boys may build a fire unlike they are told
If police shows up they can?t but escape
the dealiest muggings, hired by the state

Last Bridge:
Sometimes they must think of fleeing the world
and the suffering within
After 1991 it didn?t get better
like we all hoped for

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