• Song:

    Sun Sweeps The Shadow

  • Artist:

    Hay And Stone

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Well, this is another awesome song of the finish band Hay and Stone!
A very calm but beautiful song...
you can listen to it here:

also visit: www.hayandstone.com


Sun Sweeps The Shadow 

Bbm (x13321@1)name="chord_133111@4">G#m
D#m (xx4342@1)name="chord_133111@4">G#m
Bbm (x13321@1)
Bbm (x13321@1)             G#mhow (133111@4)i heard you call, 
D#m (xx4342@1)      G#m (133111@4)   Bbmafter (x13321@1)the ten long years 
Bbm (x13321@1)                      G#m (133111@4)D#m (xx4342@1) G#m (133111@4)             BbmTwo (x13321@1)brothers, two separate ways one to light one to the dark 

D#m (xx4342@1)name="chord_x13321@1">Bbm
G#m (133111@4)name="chord_x13321@1">Bbm

        D#m (xx4342@1)                      Bbm (x13321@1)           G#m (133111@4)        Bbmand (x13321@1)you know, the day i heard you fall has been haunting up this day 


Bbm (x13321@1)              D#m (xx4342@1)               G#mSun (133111@4)it makes the shadow sweep through my soul,
                        Bbmand (x13321@1)through the days of past 
Sun it makes the shadow sweep through my soul, 
and through the touch shine 

(like the first verse)
Why you carry memories cause we can't take back what we need
There was a laugh, there was a cry, a silent prayer in the night 

(like the first bridge)
And you know, all else i find indifferent but those words still ring 


G# (xx1114@1)            Bbmyou (x13321@1)are not all alone, (2 x)
G# (xx1114@1)         Bbmi'm (x13321@1)not all alone 
G# (xx1114@1)   Bbmin (x13321@1)the dark 

Chorus and end!

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