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           Amaj7All (x02120@1)in one move, you

changed my way of thinking

Amaj7 (x02120@1)                       Emaj7bopping (021100@1)away, all that kept me down

Amaj7 (x02120@1)                        Emaj7you (021100@1)were snowing when i walked in there

and the sun was so bright

it melted all away

G (320003@1)              Athen, (x02220@1)all in one move

G (320003@1)                Bm9you (x2022x@1)took back what you gave me

Gand (320003@1)clouds burst

A (x02220@1)           Gforced (320003@1)the sun to leave, getting snow

Bm9To (x2022x@1)fall down worse 

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