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D           D7             G                                   
Well I'm doin ten to twenty in the frozen Granite State 
       D                           A
And every day I go to work I stamp out license plates 
    D               D7         G                     
Every day I go to work and every night I cry 
          D                                    A             D D7
Cause every license plate I make tells me to  Live Free or Die 

Live Free or Die  
Oh Lord tell me why 
              A                            A7
Can't they say Seatbelts Fastened  or Oklahoma is O.K? 
Vacation Land sounds mighty great 
Wouldn't mind stampin out The Garden State
It's enough to make me cry
A             D
Live Free or Die 

Well I, I didn't mean to shoot that man, 
Why the gun just went off in my hand 
I caught him with my wife 
And it cost that man his life 
Well I just got home from the factory 
And that guy was sittin where I'm supposed to be 
Now he's up there in the sky 
And I'm stuck with Live Free or Die 



So let this be a lesson
To all you married men out there 
That patience is a virtue 
So make your plans with care 
And if you catch your wife with another man 
Well it's best to hold off as long as you can 
And shoot him in another state
Where they got a different license plate

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