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    Kill Them with Kindness

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Headlights ~ TV


I *adore* this song. I know this isn't 100% accurate (I'm crap at working out riffs) but 
a decent start, hopefully someone else can do a better job. I really hope Headlights 
it big, they're excellent.

F# [244322]
Bbm[688666] or [x13321]
B  [X24442] or [799877]

Those are the actual chords, though I think when they're actually played (only in the 
it's just the lowest 3/4 strings. Doesn't really matter. After the intro, the chords are 
by the piano instead of the guitar. I've done my best with the lyrics, they're far from clear.

The riff obviously doesn't have to be played all on the low E string but I think it 
better if you have the slide, which you don't get if you play the F note on the A string.

I have a slight suspicion the chords change in the chorus/break bit, but I'm not sure 
the ones from the verse fit fine.

Riff (repeated in chorus'):


Intro: F# - Bbm - Ebm - B x2 Riff over the top and quicker rhythm second time

            F#You (244322@1)couldn't wake by the morning we'll try,
   BbmTo (x13321@1)feel so good but your day blew up,
       EbmAnd (xx4342@1)it feels so right to stop you from crying,
       BIn (x2444x@1)the hurt of night I'll stop you from crying,
          F#I (244322@1)couldn't take up more space in my mind,
   BbmIf (x13321@1)there's a backdoor it isn't easy to find,
       Ebm'Cause (xx4342@1)I've often called, I'm so self-indulgent,
  BWe (x2444x@1)need our war, to clean up is selfish,

Break: Riff x2 (F# Abm Ebm B x2, quicker rhythm)

           F#So (244322@1)can you tell me that you feel the same,
        BbmAnd (x13321@1)you stare at all the faces full of so much shame,
             EbmAnd (xx4342@1)there's a view to the heart that's torn us apart,
            BAnd (x2444x@1)you can live your life, you keep up your lying,

Chorus: (Riff x2, chord rhythm same as in the break)
F# (244322@1)                       BbmI (x13321@1)can't stand to watch the TV,
Ebm (xx4342@1)                        BThe (x2444x@1)liars and the girls keep staring at me
       F# (244322@1)                                         BbmAnd (x13321@1)the boys and the girls and they tell you they're free,
 Ebm (xx4342@1)                       BGrow (x2444x@1)up to destroy everything they see,

F# Abm Ebm B x2

Chorus (without riff)


Outro: Same as the break, end on F#

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