• Song:

    Dog & Butterfly

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Greatest Hits / Live

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INTRO guitar in A (x020400)

         A                                     E
VERSE:  There  I  was  with  the  old  man,  stranded  again  so  of  I'd  ran

A                                          E
Young  world  crashing  around  me,  no  possibilities  of  getting  what  I  

C#7         F#m                     B         Bsus  B   Bsus        D
need.  He  looked  at  me  and  smiled  said  "No  no  no  no  no  child"

         E           A                                   
CHORUS:   See  the  dog  and  butterfly.    Up  in  the  air  he  liked

           G         Dsus2  D    A                                      F#m
to  fly.  Dog  and  butterfly,  below  she  had  to  try,  she  rolled  back

               C#m                    F#m                        B
down  to  the  warm  soft  ground,  laughing  she  don't  know  why.  

Dog  and  Butterfly.

          C#m             F#m         Dsus               A                  D
BRIDGE:  We're  getting  older,  the  world's  getting  colder.  For  the  life

            C                 G          A  C#m           F#m   Dsus
of  me  I  don't  know  the  reason  why.  Maybe  it's  living  making  us

        A    D                   C           G         A             D
give  in.  Hearts  rolling  in  taken  back  on  the  tide.  We're  balanced

           C          G            A
together   ocean  up  on  the  sky.

VERSE 2:  Well, I stumbled upon your secret place, safe in the trees you had tears on your face.  Wrestling with your desires frozen strangers stealing your fires.  The message hit my mind, Only words that I could find.

VERSE 3:  Another night in this strange town, moonlight holding me light as down.  Voice of confusion inside of me, just begging to go back where I'm free.  Feels like I'm through, then the old man's words are true.
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