• Song:

    Kick It Out

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    The Essential Heart 3.0

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~*This is a great song...Heart is awesome!!*~

Intro: Rhythm guitar vamp on A, to G

A					  C      
Out on the street you’d better get on home
D				     A
Tail shaking filly running on her own
         A				   C
They say she got loose on the night she was born
Cranking it up in a school zone   (BAND STOP)

	  A			         B
Kick it out, come on, kick it out, she said
Kick out your motor and drive
		   C      F		    A
While you’re still alive - kick it out!

Sitting in a bar in a seaside town
Sweet little love getting high getting down
Sailors see her running along the beach
Laugh and jump out of reach

Wild music blowing in her mane
She needs a bareback rider wont give her no pain
A hard racy game of give and take
Leaves them dazed - half crazed- in her wake

CHORUS  2x  (Band Stop)

Lead Break:  F#m  D  B  E  A  G  D


Ends on D
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