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Ok so i've seen there wasn't any tab of this great song in any site so i decided to make

by now i just found the pre-chorus and the chorus. Hope it will help all you guys.

But you know actually it's quite simple to find how to play a song when you can't have a 
It's basically, almost every time, something like this :


Evidently not always those very notes but you understand the way.

try this, really, you'll just have to find the right tone but actually it works for a 
lot of songs. So now saturday by hedley :

E (022100@1)         BI (x2444x@1)love you, i need you
ALike (x02220@1)a thousand times before
E (022100@1)        BWonder (x2444x@1)why i hate you
ABut (x02220@1)i scream and ask for more

EI (022100@1)only wanted your attention
BAt (x2444x@1)least the hate is some connection
C#mBut (x13321@4)hey it's just another saturday
AIt's (x02220@1)only just another saturday

I will still search for the whole song. bye :)

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