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Used chords : D, G, Em, C 
Intro:D, G, Em , C (x2)
DIm (xx0232@1)tired of waking up at five am 
GMy (320003@1)boss has lost his freaking mind again
EmIm (022000@1)getting so sick of the same routine 
CAnd (x32010@1)living out somebody eles dream 
DAnother (xx0232@1)zombie coming back to life 
GOnly (320003@1)20 but Im living like Im 45
EmBetter (022000@1)burn out than fade away
C (x32010@1)So come and have a drink on me

DWe (xx0232@1)were young having fun 
Gused (320003@1)to party all night long 
EmJumping (022000@1)up and down and getting crazy
CBanging (x32010@1)our heads to AC DC
DWe (xx0232@1)were young turn it up , used to party till we drop 
GWe (320003@1)wouldnt stop until we see the sun, we were young 
Em (022000@1)Young (x4)
CIm (x32010@1)tired of dressing up and stressing out (oh)
DIm (xx0232@1)guessing messing ups what Im about (oh)
Gkicking (320003@1)and screaming inside my head 
EmA (022000@1)white  picket fence you blink your dead 
CAnother (x32010@1)zombie coming back to life 
DWith (xx0232@1)the beat like a bomb in the blinding light
Gbetter (320003@1)burn out than fade away 
EmSo (022000@1)come and have a drink on me 
D(hey (xx0232@1)hey hey ) 
GTime (320003@1)is ticking they say 
EmHey (022000@1)hey hey
CNot (x32010@1)a minute wasted 
DHey (xx0232@1)hey hey
GIts (320003@1)better to burn out than fade away 
EmWe (022000@1)were young

Chorus (x2)

the end 
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