• Song:

    Man With The Cigar

  • Artist:

    Hermans Hermits

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Man With The Cigar Chords by Hermans Hermits

A                                                  C            G
The man with the cigar walked on up to where I was workin' this mornin'
A                                              F
The man with the cigar said that I was workin' too slow
    C                                     A
and if I didn't speed it up, he'd have to let me go

2.I'm workin' like a dog, so why's he always hangin' around me to hound me?
He's pushing me too far, & pretty soon my back is gonna break
I've taken all that I can take from the man with the cigar

G                   D
I need this job & I need it bad
G                  C                D
That's why I gotta keep myself from gettin' mad
A                        C                            G
The man with the cigar, I hope he doesn't push me too far
G                     D
Yeah the man with the cigar
Yeah the man with the cigar
Yeah the man with the cigar 

the solo i'm not sure of, but it's close

another ace tab from santyclaws
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