• Song:

    Years May Come Years May Go

  • Artist:

    Hermans Hermits

  • Album:

    The Most Of

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Years May Come Years May Go Chords by Hermans Hermits

Bb                         A7
Let's take a look behind and see what we can find.
Gbm                    Am7        G7
Last year has gone for everyone, passed with time. 
Bb                       A7
What happened to us then can't happen once again 
Gbm             Am7      G7
And what's now all to me? History.

Bb    G   G7
Years May come,(years may come)
G7    G   Bb
years may go,(quickly go)
Bb   G   G7
Some go fast, (very fast)
G7   G  Bb
Some go slow  (oh so slow)
do the same thing for the next part of the chorus:
Some are good,(very good)
some are bad, (very sad)
for each one(for each one)
lets be glad(lets be glad)

this one i'm not too sure of but it sounds right
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