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			     Another Pilot - Hey Rosetta!
Tabbed by: Andrew Maynard
Email: admaynar@ucalgary.ca

Tuning: Standard

Verse 1

The song starts out with guitar, drums, and vocals. While the guitar is more than just 
strumming these are basically the chords that are played.

  am                  C      F               C      G      F
  crows pitch on the lawn screeching a song
  am                  C           F                C   G   F (etc...)
  the inmates wake up and they're pulled to the bars...

Interlude 1 (no guitar)

  just another angel through the clouds and into the ground...

Verse 2

The guitar does a different riff here while the bass and piano seem to do the same thing 
the first verse. I know this probably isn't exactly right but it's close as far as I hear.


Interlude 2

  em                       am
  ...and run away from it all (repeat 3x)
  and run away from it all...

Here's where it gets tricky. These are the chords that I deciphered from the mess of 
but I'm sure it's not all right.

  C  dm  G  C  dm  em  F  G  am  B5 (build-up on B5)

Then all of a sudden it's quiet and all that's left is bass.

  D|---------------*|   "You plan your escape, at the end of the day..."

The guitar comes in a few measures later playing the same chords (C, em, F) along with 
bass while more vocal tracks are added and eventually the song ends! Finish on an F.

For all the lyrics go to www.heyrosetta.com!
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