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It sounds a little weird adapted to guitar

Pretty much the same Progression throughout the whole song


G   Am   D/Gb   G

G   Am   Bm   C

C   D   Em

C   D   G

G       Am  D/Gb   G
you and i   made a pact
  G         Am    Bm  C
a deal that as we lay dying
     C              D      Em 
we'd think about eachother then
    C              D     G
and smile as we're taken in

  G        Am     D/Gb   G
i listened like a little child
       G     Am      Bm         C 
to the story of your earthbound pilot
   C            D   Em
he plummeted so violent
  Em   G        Am  Bm  C
a parachute not opening
    C           D     Em
and rushing to oblivion
   C               D        G
he broke into that knowing grin

Not really sure what goes on here. Play around with some G or Am scale

  G      Am   D/Gb   G
i think about that a lot
        G      Am        Bm  C
cause a lot is what i've not got
      C               D     Em
and a smile is what i least expect
       C                D   G
in the clutches of this darkness

G     Am      D/Gb     G  
you i was surprised to hear
     G        Am     Bm    C
your birdsong velvet in my ear
    C               D      Em
the phone broke its silent stint
  Em         G          Am     Bm   C
i pulled the cord and i needed it
    C               D       Em
you billowed like a bowl of silk
    C                  D    G
and slowed me from my ruining
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