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hHead -- JERK
Jam Entertainment Management
IRS Records
EMI Music Canada

Noah Mintz - Vocals, Guitars
Brendan Canning - Bass
Mark Bartkiw - Drums

Typed by Brrknstock@nettwerk.com


Thought of the day
Looking away
Dreaming of what I cannot relay
When the I felt a whack of the belt
My teacher said
Noah you need our help
Looked at the board
Numbers galore
So what it two plus two equals four
Not doing well
See the prinicipal
He said put him in remedial

Welcome to the special ed
Get your education spoon fed
Now I think that I suck
C'mon you've got to take me out
Find my strengths instead of my weaknesses
Do I have to be so well rounded

Meaningless class teachers moving too fast
Man this is a pain in the ass
Put up my hand tried to blend in
How did I get picked again
Do your homework of course I did sir
But I don't know the answer
Stupid I guess but I tried my best
Cause this assignment is bogus

See no time waste me all my strengths
Maybe I will surprise look inside

Not doing well want more help
Why don't we put you in remedial
There goes the bell it's bad for my helth
Cause I gotta go to remedial


Seven AM
Already out of bed
The engines started revving in my head
Full throttle
Going where I can't see
Looking at my gauge
It's on empty

Oh the phone rings
You're on the other line
Ask me how I am
Oh he's by your side
I'm going don't want to get the chance
To be a part of your mess

To be more more than I gave
You put me in the grave
Questions to see what you've got
Looking for answers no I am not

Are you happy with the way he's treating you
So you are dying to cut noose
The tires upon us before you do
I know the routine it's nothing new

What was it that made us friends
And what was it that made the end
One thing I know for sure
It that I'll never know the answer


Where do I begin
Somewhere where you end
Or is it the other way around
The words in front of me
You I can't beleive
The truth here that I have found
No I didn't make a start
Let you eat my heart
Bite the pretty red in two
So pick out all you know
Flush it down it goes away
And so does thoughts of you

Can I be happy
Can you be happy

Whatever it may be
Whatever I study or read
I'll do it to better my life
Can you say this one more time
To prove it's all a lie to you
Fools your all a lie
Cause we know love is best
We have grown to detest
The one thing we were looking for
We are one the same
A picture just a frame 
Which hangs above a locked door

This is not an end
It's a letter I'll never send
Because you would not understand
So go and starve yourself
No one to call for help
You alone waiting to begin 


Sitting here on my own that I've hung up the phone
Maybe it's just my luck that all of my courses suck
Time for my next class this is a pain in the ass
In here I can't learn the light it will it burn

What brings the students in the hall
Certainly mind that they don't fuck off
We are one and the same
What the hells in here gay

Monday my eyes are sore
Festers all our whores
A system that drags me down
Fighting a nest with the class clown
I cannot I take this stuff
I think I've had enough
What quite it's about
Think I'm gonna drop out


What was it about it
That you choose not to stick to it
What is it about me
That you choose not to believe
I know I've lived longer
Doesn't mean I've lived the truth
Could you not stay longer
Feeling gipped of your youth

Hey what went wrong what have I done
Tuesday came and you were gone
You took my heart ripped it out
And laughed about

You came seeking answers
You could only get from older men
I tried to move faster
Moved my old bones as fast as they can

What was it you wanted
Was my love pitiful
You know I would've gave you
All my love that you stole

You gipped me off


Always came but never did
Never once complained about it
Lisa said I told you so
How was I supposed to know

Always in my head
Always what he said
One day we will wed
I wish he would drop dead
Thought you said you'd die for me
Now I know you lied to me

Took me once to niagara falls
Weekend at a motel and all
There he asked for my hand
Could I ever love another man

Wedding day I looked my best
Pink flowers on my dress
Penny in the pond for good luck
Son of a bitch he didn't show up


Well I thought and pondered
Sat and wondered
But it makes no sense
I love your planet entertain it
Try to go through it again
What you're trying to say to me
I just don't feel that way
Yah love's the one thing that disgusts me

Get yourself enough to find 
Lov her loves clear
Do the logic in your mind
Lov her loves clear
Love it when we remain
Lov her loves clear
When love rears it's ugly head
Lov her loves clear

Well I cannot picture me in bed
Making love to you
If that's what you would call it
Rather call it death
It's what I'd rather do
All these connotations
Staggered relations
That affects my mind
Well I'm not a virgin but I wish I was

Well I have taken what you've mistaken
Where's your common sense
It was just a letter
From another why do I give defence
Now listen to me
It's just jealousy
How many people I know
Yah love's the one thing that disgusts me


Son of a bitch he blew his load
What excuse is I'll explode
Bastard child that grows in me
In his life I'll never believe

What now will I do
Close eyes and enjoy the view
What now will I do

Five months pass I begin to grow
My dress too small everyone knows
They say to me I've done my bride
He blames me says I'm a slut

Well it's nine months by
This babies mine
Love flows with the time
And I love more through the chore
Oh my god he lies stillborn


Good excite me
What be the same
Would be the same
Will she entice me
Like all the rest
Oh like all the rest

If you find it will you look for me
You can mind doesn't mean that you'll beleive
Like windows are for slash could you feel the same
Will I end it all while I endure the pain

What go down
Oh get God
Put God in my Lord
Where will I go
When I die

Let be over
Or just begin
Could just begin


All in love
I'm so weak trying
Look around to feel you in amoungst my

He's your man take care of him (give it to him)
Know what she's your war child
Rats trick 
You make your death

Did you grow up
When he put you in
Take him down to the holy lair

He drivers her out
Of a sick and wanting to
Looking for a suck
He picks you up


What is it they say
The love remains
After I have gone
My heart will live on

This love tortures me
I wish that you could see
No longer you'll feel the pain
When my heart is

Stain on the bed you're in
Stain of your heart burden
I'll take the pain away with a trade
Your damage for my life

Your pain I can feel
The torment for me is real
Your heart in stasis
Fits not your beauty
I will be a part of you
It's the best that I can do
A bullet in my brain
Will keep my heart from

My heart to you I give
So that you can live
My love will remain
My love un
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