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Intro: F  Dm (3x) 

F                        Dm  
God You make me smile as I look to You  
F                        Dm  
And I never thought life could be so cool  
Gm          C  
I'm so free to be me  

F                      Dm  
We're a generation who will live for You  
F                       Dm  
Nothing's gonna stop us from loving You  
Gm            C  
We believe in Jesus  

Gm           F/A  
Life is fun, and I'm so happy  
Bb                     C  
You're my friend and a King  

        F                    Eb 
I raise my hands to praise Your Name  
Dm       G                       Bb    C  
I am not ashamed, to praise Your Name, Jesus   

Acordes Finais: 
F  Dm  F
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