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Intro: F5  D5 (3x) 

F5                        D5  
God You make me smile as I look to You  
F5                        D5  
And I never thought life could be so cool  
G5          C5  
I'm so free to be me  

F5                      D5  
We're a generation who will live for You  
F5                       D5  
Nothing's gonna stop us from loving You  
G5            C5  
We believe in Jesus  

G5           F5  
Life is fun, and I'm so happy  
Bb5                     C5  
You're my friend and a King  

        F5                    Eb5 
I raise my hands to praise Your Name  
D5       G5                       Bb5    C5  
I am not ashamed, to praise Your Name, Jesus   

Acordes Finais: 
F5  D5  F5
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