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I bow my head unto you again
A                                    E
Seated at your feet
Let unfailing love wash over me
                   A                  E
Set my path lift my eyes

Bm                   Dm
To seek my savior
A                                     E
Fill my life with the love of christ
Bm                           D
Mercy of the savior
Has changed my life
                F#m                    D     Dm
Now i stand here right upon salvation

 F#m  A  E   Bm F#m Bm

Such grace revealed in my careless way
A                      E
Humbled by your love
Let your faithfulness sing over me
                   A             E
Stir this heart oh lord

D                Bm               D
My jesus i fall at your feet
                                  Bm    E
And surrender all that is me
       F#m          D
To see my savior
          E    F#m      D
To glorify my savior
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