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Led by Jay Cook in London

Intro: C5 ? F5 ? A5 ? F5 ? C5 ? F5 ? A5 ? F5 - C5 

C5                    F5     C5
You O Lord I know are all I need
   F5      A5  F5      C5 
To You I Give all Of Me
C5                     F5          C5
Finding you in love my Soul Will Sing
    F5    A5   F5     A5
To You I Give the Glory

G5             A5           G5
The universe declares your majesty
Lord of all the heavens reign in us

See you lifted up
Over all our lives
A5                       F5
Hear our praises rise to you
G5            C5
Beautiful God

See your kingdom come
Your will be done
A5                       F5
As your glory fills the earth 
G5            C5
Glorious one

C5                 F5             C5
Letting go of all I thought I knew
   F5       A5      F5      A5
I hold on now to Only You
C5                      F5          C5
Leaving fear I run into your hope
F5          A5          F5         A5
And stand upon one Faith And Love

F5             C5          G5
No other name is greater
F5              C5         G5
No other name is higher
F5               C5
There?s no other name
         G5               A5
But the author of salvation
F5               G5
His name is Jesus
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