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Into:Ab E B

         Ab         E           B
Through Christ You first loved me
      Ab         E         B
Be no greater price than this
     Ab     E         B
The One who died for me
          Ab         E      B
Rose from death I stand redeemed

 Ab         E               B

       Ab         E        B
Now we sing salvation's song
         Ab         E        B
For the Saviour's perfect love
            Ab         E       B
Cleansed my soul in mercies deep
         Ab      E       B
Blessed grace delivers me

F# Ab       E        B
Hallelujah, He is greater
F#   Ab     E        Ab   F#
Hallelujah, Jesus my Saviour

 Ab      E       B

              Ab      E       B
Strength and hope for all our days
           Ab       E          B
Faith to move the mountains clear
           Ab      E       B
Priceless love You give to us
       Ab       E       B
Is not bound by what we do

 Ab E  B
 Ab E  B    

B            E      Ab     F#
The blood of Jesus set me free
B           E        Ab        F#
Great love paid this price for me
     B       F#    B      Ab
His life He gave, love remains
E  Ab  F#
Holy Lord
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