• Song:

    All For Love

  • Artist:

    Hillsong United

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Album - Look To You
Lyrics - All For Love

hello guys....This song was tabbed for Jesus and His fans. The sound is quite good for
me.Please send me a mail for any comments and lesson
: c_soen@hotmail.com

Verse 1:
D	    A	Bm	     G			A	     D            D                     A
All for love a Father gave.. For only love could make a way... All for love the heavens
Bm	G		A         D
cried.. For love was crucified.

A					Bm		              G 			D
Oh, how many times have I broken your heart... But still you forgive if only I ask..
A					Bm             G
And how many times have you heard me pray..Draw near to me..

A		E	Bm
Everything I need is You
My beginning and forever
A		E	Bm	D
Everything I need is You

Verse 2:
Let me sing all for love.. I will join the angel song. Ever Holy is the Lord, King of 
King of All.


A	   E		  D	   Bm              E               A            A		E
All for love a Saviour prayer.. Abba Father have your way.. Though they know not what
        D	         Bm	   E		A
 they do.. Let the cross draw man to you

If you have any lesson about improving guitar skills please send me!!!!GBU
: )
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