• Song:

    From God Above

  • Artist:

    Hillsong United

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From God Above Chords by United Live

From God Above
Album: United we stand
Tabbed by: Norvin Mangunay (vocals)
Date:April 18, 2006

Its my first time tryin out chords but we're planning this as a special # next week.
ung album na toh. Sorry if i burned it. But I promise to buy the original once it reaches
I,d like to greet my bandm8s: Paolo= bass, Ryan: Lead guitar, Niko: Drums, Herbert= tamborine(joke!!!)
This song is dedicated to Laila Jauco who is staying in Korea, Titatet, and most
to Donna Cruz. Uy, crush kita!!!

           ( Fm- C#m ? A#m ? D#m )
           ( Fm- C#m ? A#m ? A#m ) 2X

Verse 1

Fm- C#m               A#m
As I look at the world
    D#m     Fm          C#m ? A#m
I begin to dream of the future

     A#m         Fm
What's next to be
        C#m    A#m      D#m-  Fm
Your love so strong for everyone
      C#m     A#m        A#m
You made us all in Your image


C#m- C#m
And You saved the day
When Jesus came
         C#m                     C#m
And You took away all my sin and shame
         Fm                    D#m
And You made us right again

             G#     C#
You came from God above
              Fm    C#m
The Father's only Son
Saved my soul
Made me new
Now I live for You

( Repeat intro )

Verse 2

( Repeat Chords in Verse 1)

My heart is alive and my spirit free
In the Saviour
Gave His life for me
By Your Word
We will be the light of the world
My Father
Shine Your light in me

( Repeat Refrain )
( Repeat Chorus 2X )



I'll stand on the Word
Be a light in the world
When Your praises are heard
We'll be singing
         ( Repeat 2X)

Repeat Chorus 2x
Repeat intro
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