• Song:

    Teach Me To Love

  • Artist:

    Hillsong United

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Teach Me To Love Chords by United Live

Teach Me To Love
Ian Gould, An Huberland
Key: D

Verse 1:
D2   Dmaj9 D2(add6)  D2*
Come Lord   take my hand
D2      Dmaj9 D2(add6)  D2*
Take my heart  take my mind
D2      Dmaj9 D2(add6)    D2*
Take me over   beside and under
D2       Dmaj9 D2(add6) A2 D D/C# D/B D/A D2/G D2/A D
Touch my life   heal    my soul

Em          D/F#?q   G       Asus
Teach me to love a heavenly love
Em          D/F#?q    G6
Show me the place to go
Bm7     A  G         D/F#?q
Lead me on into Your garden
Em       D/F#?q    G   Em D/F# G
Your paradise unknown
Em       Asus A  D
Jesus to You  I come

Verse 2:
I turn my face into Your light
Open my eyes ears to hear
Move my mouth to speak Your words
Live without fear give without end
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