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    All Things Are Possible

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    Shout to the Lord: The ...

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   C-            F                  C       Em
      May our homes be filled with dancing
  Am-             F                 G 
      May our streets be filled with joy
   C-        F             C        Em
      May injustice bow to Jesus
  Am-         F             G
      As the people turn to pray

                 C         Em            F
      From the mountains         to the valley
                 Am     Em            F    -G
      Hear our praises       rise to You
                 C      Em            F
      From the heavens        to the nations
                Am7     Em               F    
      Hear the singing         fill the air

   C-           F                C         Em
      May the light shine in the darkness
  Am-         F                G
      As we walk before Your cross
   C-            F            C           Em
      May Your glory fill the whole earth
  Am-         F          G
      As the water o'er seas

     F   Dm     Am   Em
Hallelujah, hallelujah
     F   Dm     Am   G
Hallelujah, hallelujah

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