• Song:

    My Heart Is Overwhelmed

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    God Is Able

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Key: E  |  Capo 4

Instr 1 
Am  F  C  C :||

Verse 1
Perfect in love
F                           G      Am         
Lord You came to earth You rescued me
    F        G                C         
You took my place upon that cross
      F                           G       Am         
The stains that held me back were washed away
     F        G                  
You made me whole

Chorus 1
      F                G               Am   C
Your love has set the broken captives free
      F                 G                  Am   C
Your love released the chains once binding me
     F         G        F    C E  Am
I'm found in grace in love's em-brace
    F        G       C                    
My heart is overwhelmed

Verse 2
I stand redeemed
Your Spirit now alive within my heart
I'll walk with You all of my days
And I shall live to glorify You God
Hear my soul rejoice

Instr 2
Am  F  C   G  :|| 3x
F    C E    G      C    

          Am               F               C       G
Sings my soul of how Your love has set me free
          Am               F              C       G
Sings my heart of how Your mercy rescued me
        Am               F                        
Hear my cry of endless love
         C               G
To my Saviour and to my King
    F    C E    G       C         
My heart is    over-whelmed
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