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    My Hope

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Title: My Hope
Artist: Darlene Zschech
Submitted By: rickylagnason@yahoo.com   

Intro: Dsus4  D  Bm  A/C#

Verse 1:
        Dsus4    D   Bm A/C#
You are righteous
         Dsus4  D   Bm D/A
You love justice
G                    D/F#
And those who honour You
     Bm       A   A/G
Will see your face

D/F# G    Asus4  D/F#
I will arise and lift my eyes to see
    G       Asus4    A
Your majesty
Your holiness
     Esus4   E
And all I am will bless you

   D              C/D         G
My hope is in the Name of the Lord
Where my help comes from
          G           A
You're my strength, my song
   D               C/D         G
My trust is in the Name of the Lord
I will sing your praise
G            A
You are faithful 

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All rights reserved.
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