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    Stand In Awe

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(Original in A or Capo 2)

Verse 1:
Better than all this world, better than all I know
            Em                C
Better than life itself, Your love is
            G/B                         C
All that I have is Yours, all that I'm living for
            D              C
All that I need is in You Lord

You alone are better than life than anything in this world
You alone are all I want, in everything You are good
    C             Em            D
I stand in awe of all that You are
    C             D
I stand in awe of You

Verse 2:
Everything unto You, everything held by You
All of our hope is in You Jesus
Nothing compares to You, nothing will take Your place
All of our trust is in You Lord

Instrumental:  Em  C  G  D

Em                C              G       D
All of my heart, all that I am , worship Jesus
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