• Song:

    Dwell In Your House

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    For This Cause

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Intro 2x: A5   D5   F#5   E5    

A5      D5
You set me apart
F#5   E5
Gave me a new heart
A5             D5
Filled with compassion
F#5              E5
To share your great love
A5              D5
Show me your way
F#5     E5
I want to know you
A5         D5
Guide me in truth
F#5     E5
My hope is in you

That i may
A5   E5        E5  F#5
Dwell in your house forever
A5   E5        E5 F#5
Lifting up your name
A5   E5        E5     F#5  D5
Dwell in your house forever more

A5          D5
I`ll hold on to you
F#5        E5
My strength and my refuge
A5           D5
Whom shall i fear
F#5          E5
I know you are near
A5       D5
All of my days
F#5    E5
I live for you lord
A5         D5
Establish my path
F#5     E5
There?s one thing i ask

D5 E5 F#5     E5                     A5
Holy spirit have your way
F#5       E5                           A5
Sweet anointing teach our hearts,
D5        E5    E5
Our lives, we pray
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