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HIM - Close To The Flame

?tabbed by Alex Behrens (abe99@gmx.net)

Intro: Em Bm C D (2x)

Verse 1:
Em  D    Am
The kiss sweetest
Em  D        Am
And touch so warm
Em  D     Am
The smile kindest
Em      D        Am       Bm
In this world so cold and strong

   Em           Bm
So close to the flame
C       D
Burning brightly
         Em    Bm
It won't fade away
C            D
And leave us lonely

Verse 2:
The arms safest
And words all good
The faith deepest yeah
In this world so cold and cruel

 repeat Chorus

 SOLO (Em Bm C D)

 repeat Chorus 2x
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