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A5             C5                    G5
Once again we found ourselves to be lost

A-                                    C5                  G5
Holding hands while straying from the path in the forest dark

A5                        G5
  Aren't you happy to see me  crawl
           D5           A5
serpentine towards the sun to you?


D5                                         A5           C5
Lift the lid off your heart's casket in the arms of rain

D5                                       A5       C5
Drift along this river of sadness 'til we feel no pain

      A5                        D5                   C5
Baby stop, Hail Maries for the secret you kept from me 

C5                  A5
Hail Maries but tomorrow's dream

D5                G5          A5
  In the arms of rain we are free

A5          C5               G5
Again, I fought myself and lost

A5                            C5                    G5  
Come bite the apple and I'll coil around your heart

A5                       G5                 D5            A5
I'm so happy to see you weep along in these arms you belong


  Ave Maria, we've tried
  Ave Maria, ve've cried
  Ave Maria, ve've died

[ CHORUS ]   x2

A5                 C5   G5   D5
 It's the end of a ro__o___ad


A5                  C5   G5   D5           A5
  It's the end of a ro__o___ad and we're free

 That's all!  :-)
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