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    Mind Chaos

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During the intro each of these chords gets 2 beats out of the measure but 
once the singing starts it goes to each chord getting 4 beats
--->note that all of these chords are in there barre position<-----

Am Am Dm G x4

Am        Dm           G                    Am
oh, Well an easy life, that i never wanted, we agree
Am        Dm              G                           Am
Headlong worked out i see is there a way that we could skip this part

It goes on in that pattern throughout the verse

              Am    G     F
Its too much work, work, work, yeah
    Am   C    G       Am    <---- these are not barred
Just too much work for me  

This pattern continues through the chorus

it pretty much repeats this pattern throughout the song.
If your having trouble just listen to the song its pretty simple once you know the chords
You can email me at tterrag620@gmail.com
Feel free to make changes if this is wrong but im 99% sure this is correct.
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