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    I Can't Let Go

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G5               G5
         Though I try and I try, but I can't say goodbye.
   G5                        D5
1.    Feel so bad, baby,   oh, it hurts me,
C5                           D5
    when I think of how you love and desert me.
D5             C5              D5            D5
    I'm the broken hearted toy you play with, baby.

You got me goin', I need you baby,
I can't let go when I want you baby,
   A5                D5               G5
I got a habit, you know : I can't let go.

    G5                          D5
2.    Though I'm just one   of your lovers,
C5                               D5
    and I know there are so many others,
D5                    C5             D5            D5
    you do something strange to me, baby (baby), baby (baby) !

G5              G5
        Though I try and I try but I can't say goodbye,
    I know that it's wrong and I should be so strong,
    but the thought of you gone makes me want to hold on.

    C5 D5   C5 D5     + chorus   +  chorus     + D5
          G5     D5                 G5   D5
I can't let go,        I can't let go  ........
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