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    Stop Right There

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Stop Right There 

C#m                    Bm                  
And the power you have over me 
F#m        Bm         F#m         Bm            C#m     
Won't ever let me be, it's always holding me to you
And the strange things you say to me
F#m        Bm            F#m           Bm     Ab     
Why do you play with me? It's just too sad to see

Stop, right there
C#m				   Ab
Tell me, what you're doing to my mind in there?
C#m				   Ab
Tell me, what you're doing? Am I blind?
         C#m				Ab
Long ago everything about you was for me to hold
C#m			    	       Ab
Now my thoughts about you won't stay cold

And in time I might slip away into the light of day
But with you I must stay, it's true
Wishful thinking will just bring me down
It's plain to see you own the ground I'm standing on


And in time...
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