• Song:

    To The Sour Beat

  • Artist:

    Holy Sons

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To the Sour Beat

     Dsus2/F          Fill
E  :----------------|----------------|
B  :-3--------------|----------------|
G  :-2--------------|----------------|
D  :-0--------------|-------0-3------|
A  :-x--------------|-3-3-3----------|
E  :-1--------------|----------------|

Sum a rough crux done something sux ...
I know I don't believe in a problem ...
deceiving me,,
      A#5                           A5
defeat myself... Help me get my chin up
You've seen me when I was down

Too Much on my mind,,
The devil dust is driving tonight
                    A#5        A5 
and I wish you were someone making it right
             D5                    A#5          F
there wasn't no one there to break up the fight again
Fill                 C5         D5
Help me get my mind off of the friggin girls
        A5              A#5   
I wasn't no one's bitch before
and then I was yours...

Sample: "That feeling went on for years... and painful loneliness became my constant companion"

F5 (8fr)
I'm a fraction of the chemical waste
D5                     C#5          
I'll slow it down to an impossible pace
F5 (8fr)
and if you're wondering what my name was
D5               C#5
Just ask around 'cause they won't know
A junkie bum dirt scum fill the walls of his mind
F#5-G5-A5         F#5   C#5
on the freeway of celibacy
To the sour beat pocket of consciousness
F#5-G5-A5      F#5   C#5  
I'm quite a sight to see 
F#5        A5      C#5         C#5
these days                x2
F#5                        A5       C#5
because I'm strong enough!"
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