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Key: G

Intro: G D

Em                    D      G
She's got eyes like diamonds,

                  D     Em
Hair like twisted gold.

                  D      G
When she looks up to me,

I feel my blood run cold

C            Em                 D
Now, I don't care if people laugh (A-ha)
C        Em               D
I'm in love with Steffi Graf

Em                       D     G 
I watched her all last summer;
                   D      Em
I watched her every day
                    D        G 
She knew that I was with her,
She didn't have to say

C          Em                D
She can run, but she can't hide

C           Em                D
She knows I feel deep down inside..

That Steffi is an angel
But she folds her wings
D                      G   
And walks like you and me
She's extremely good at tennis
C                 D                 G
On any kind of surface there might be
 G          Em        
Clay or grass
D          G
She'll flay your ass
C                     Em                D
And when she hits that topspin second serve
C                Em             D
I think I know the meaning of love

Em                     D       G    
Eastbourne never was a favorite
                        D      Em
The outside courts were damp
                   D      G
She had a hamstring problem
And recurring muscle cramp
C                Em                     D
But she dug deep and won it just the same
C                Em               D
My angel never lost a service game

Em                        D       G
But now, a shadow in the distance
              D      Em
A girl with ponytails
                    D      G     
Sixteen and full of hunger
The end of Steffi's trail
C        Em          D
I can't wait for her defeat
C          Em             D
I fetch a knife and take my seat
'Cause Steffi is a goddess
C           D                 G
My love for her, it knows no bounds

I'd kill to make her happy,
C            D                         G
Or just to get her through the early rounds
G         Em
Kill or maim
D             G
It's just a game

C              Em                 D
But if I had another life, I'd chose
C                Em                D
To come back as one of Steffi's shoes
'Cause Steffi is an angel
But she folds her wings
      D                 G
And walks like you and me
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