• Song:

    Father God I Wonder

  • Artist:

    Ian Smale Ishmael

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Em (022000@1)                                      DFather (xx0232@1)God I Wonder how I managed
                                 Cto (x32010@1)exist without the knowledge
                                 D (xx0232@1)                      B7of (x21202@1)Your parenthood and Your loving care
       Em (022000@1)                                    DBut (xx0232@1)now I am Your son, I am adopted in Your family 
       C (x32010@1)and I can ever be alone
           D (xx0232@1)                          B (x2444x@1)'cause Father God You're there beside me
Em (022000@1)   C (x32010@1)I will sing Your praises 
D (xx0232@1)      G (320003@1)I will sing Your praises
Em (022000@1)  AmI (x02210@1)will sing your praises
D (xx0232@1)        B7for (x21202@1)ever more

D (xx0232@1)         Emfor (022000@1)ever more  (last time)

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