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    In Flames

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    Jester Race / Black Ash...

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Moonshield by In Flames

-transcribed by Markus Marjomaa, mmarjoma@mail.student.oulu.fi

The main riff:
                              1.         2.

The acoustic part, for playing with only one guitar:

   Fm               Eb            Ab

   Fm                   ?              Fm



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Moonshield by In Flames

 Okay, this is roughly what I have for Moonshield so far. Some notes to help

 you along: I'm sure they play this with a capo (or else they just decided

 to be difficult and write something in Ab). Anys, this transcription is in

 standard tuning. I'm just gonna give a quick rundown of the rhythm strums

 and some lead bits, but won't bother about structure, timing or lyrics yet.

 Oh, the time sig is 6/8.

 The cool riff based on the Ab Major scale...







 Next is that quiet bit that sounds like a minor version of "for he's a jolly

 good fellow" :) In Flames use two guitars, but this is faking it by myself.

 If you've got two guitarists, then just seperate the lead from the chords.

   Fm               Eb            Ab







   Fm                   ?              Fm







 The run up the neck is basically just a pattern of picking strings 6 5 and

 4 on these chords: Bb Cm Db Eb

 Wait, I'm confused... (my notes are a mess) there's a picking run also

 using strings 6, 5 and 4 which goes something like this:

    Ab    Bb     B


 5:---6------8-----9------   then the same chords       vv   vv   v hold

 6:-4------6-----7---------  played as a rhythm like: | Ab   Bb | B      |
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